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To edit your PADS Maker Schematic toolbars and optimize your workflow, go to View > Toolbars > Customize to open the dialog boxes described below.

Toolbar Display Settings

Under the Toolbars tab, you can select which toolbars are displayed in PADS Maker Schematic. You can also create, rename, delete, and reset toolbars here.

To create your own toolbar, select New and enter a name. The following appears on your screen.

Move the undocked toolbar to the toolbar area. Go the the Commands tab and drag commands to the new toolbar.

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Show text labels is an option to show the name of the icon and can be accessed by going to the Commands menu (see example above). See the example below.

Reset, located in the Commands window, will reset the selected (single) Toolbar.

Reset All, located in the Commands window under Reset, will reset all Toolbars

Rename, also located in the Commands window, allows you to change the name of the selected Toolbar.

Toolbar Command Customization 

To add specific commands to your toolbars, open the Commands tab. Use Categories to narrow down the commands that appear in the Commands section.


Click-and-drag the desired command to a position on the toolbar. A black bar will appear on the toolbar to indicate the precise location that the command icon will be dropped.

Options Tab

Under the Options tab, you can choose whether to show Screen Tips on the toolbars, show short-cut keys in the Screen Tips, and whether to display large icons. Go to the Commands window and click on the Options tab.

Screen tips are text or small videos that display when you hover over an icon. (See the image below.) The option to Show shortcut keys in Screen Tips would remove the text (Ctrl+F) in the example below. Large icons option increases the size of the icons displayed.

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