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The PADS Maker Footprint Selector, included with all copies of PADS Maker Layout, acts as the bridge between PADS Maker Schematic and PADS Maker Layout in that it ensures that you have complete and functioning footprints for each of your parts. Below you will find information on how to use Footprint Selector. 

Searching PADS Maker Edition


Netlist Import

You will most likely encounter PADS Maker Footprint Selector upon importing a Netlist into PADS Maker Layout. If some parts in the schematic did not have footprints assigned to them, or if there is an error with the footprints, a message will appear notifying you of the missing or incomplete footprints. Clicking PADS Maker Footprint Selector will open the Footprint Selector and allow you to add or change footprints. 

If you would like to modify the Netlist in PADS Maker Schematic and attempt to import the Netlist again, make the necessary changes and click Reload. You can also start the Footprint Selector from the Start Menu. 

Whether you open PADS Maker Footprint Selector from PADS Maker Layout or from the desktop, you will begin without a Netlist loaded. To open the desired Netlist, click the box with the ellipses next to the Maker File text box. The file explorer window will open and allow you to select your .dnf file.

Loading a Netlist

Once the Netlist file has loaded, you should be able to see the missing/incomplete parts in red in the Parts window. For a list of the messages that can appear under the Footprint error information column, see Footprint Error Information at the end of this page.

Adding or Changing a Footprint

Once your Netlist has been loaded, you can add or change footprints using the Footprint Browser. To access the Footprint Browser, click on the Footprint cell for the relevant part, then click the box with the ellipses that appears on the right side of the cell. The Footprint Browser will open, and you can select the desired footprint.

Once the part has been assigned a valid footprint, the text for it will turn green.

After all of the footprints have been assigned, click Save Netlist to overwrite the netlist file, or click Save As Netlist to save to a new netlist file.

Saving Parts to a Library

After assigning footprints to parts, you can save the part data to a library by marking the checkbox by the parts, selecting the desired library from the Save Selected Parts to Library dropdown list, and clicking Save to Library. If the library you are looking for is not provided in the list, select New to browse for the library.

Footprint Error Information

Below you will find a list of error messages that the footprint selector may provide in the Footprint error information column, as well as the description of the issues and how to solve them.


Error MessageDescription / Solution
The footprint is not assignedAssign footprint.
The footprint '%s' is missing in the libraryAssigned footprint is not present in library. Open the  Footprint Browser and assign new footprint.
Failed to put %s in DBPart/footprint is invalid or incomplete. Check part/footprint and fix it.
The footprint '%s' cannot be added because a via with the same name already existsPADS Maker Layout contains a pre-defined via with the same name as the footprint. To view the via, go to Setup > Pad Stacks and select Via Pad Stack Type. To fix this error, either change the name of the via or the footprint.
The footprint '%s' contains a different number of pins than the existing footprint in the designDesign already contains a footprint with the same name and a different pin count. To fix this error, rename the footprint.
The footprint '%s' maximum layer count exceeds the current design limitThere exist more layers stored in the library than the current mode can support.
The footprint '%s' has pin numbers that do not correspond to the pin numbers of the part type %sAssign new footprint with pin names that match part, or create/update footprint with correct names.
The footprint '%s' does not have enough pinsAssign footprint with required number of pins.
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