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You can import schematics and symbols from a third party tool. Files can be imported from the following software versions:

  • Altium Protel 99, DXP, 2004, 2006, AD6
  • P-CAD 200x
  • CADStar V5–V9
  • OrCAD 7.2–16.6
  • Eagle 6.0 or greater

If you have a file from a newer version of these tools, you may be able to save them in the tool as one of the listed prior versions. 

Importing Files from a Third Party Tool

Create a new project. Go to File/Import and select the tool of choice.

Click Add and browse for schematics to import using the Symbol and Schematic Translator menu. After choosing files to translate, you can select a new location for the translated files. Select Translate to begin the translation process.

Searching PADS Maker Edition


A results page will indicate whether translation was successful. If it was unsuccessful, the results list will indicate the source of the failure and suggest which file types can be translated.  

Sending PADS Maker Schematic Projects to Others

You may prefer to send your schematic to a Service Bureau for Layout rather than doing the Layout portion yourself. When preparing a PADS Maker Schematic database to send to another person, it is useful to change the library paths to soft paths to allow the recipient to edit symbols. Follow these steps to change the library paths to soft paths:  

  1. Go to Tools > Settings and select the Symbol Libraries tab.

  2. Here you can either Import or copy a library from another project into your current project. Importing a library will add the library to your Parts window whereas copying will provide a reference to parts in another library. If you are copying a library, the symbols in the copied library will be stored in your current library once they are used in your schematic. You may only Import or copy the library of a project that has a SYM sub-folder. For both Importing and copying, select the project name to import.

    1. To import a library, select the Import button. 
    2. From the pop-up window, select the  symbol to select a project from your files. You must choose a project name that has a SYM sub-folder. 
    3. Select the project name whose library you would like to import, and then click "Ok" to add that library to your current project. When finished, click "Ok" under the Symbol Libraries window.

    To copy a library, click on the  symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the Symbol Libraries window, and then repeat steps 2-3. Remember to choose the project name to which the library you want to copy is located. That project must also have a SYM sub-folder.

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