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This page contains a list of answers to frequently asked questions (or questions that have never actually been asked, but very likely will be at one point or another). If your question has not been answered on this page, feel free to ask it using the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Am I entitled to new versions of the software during my license period?

MakerPro licenses are perpetual and good for as long as the particular software version works on your existing computer hardware. Student and Maker licenses are good for 1 year. Minor software updates will not require updated licenses. Major software updates may require updated licenses. We will notify users by email about new versions as they become available and the licensing requirements for each. For minor versions, no new license is required; just  uninstall  your current version of the software and reinstall the latest version.


Can I install PADS Maker on a machine that I already have DxDesigner or Designer Schematic installed on?

Designer Schematic, PADS Maker and DxDesigner cannot be active (installed and set up to run) at the same time on the same machine as PADS Maker.

  • If Designer Schematic is installed on the machine where you'd like to load PADS Maker, please go to Start menu/Control Panel and uninstall Designer Schematic before installing PADS Maker.
  • If DxDesigner is installed on the machine when PADS Maker is loaded, you will be notified via prompt. If you choose to proceed with the installation, the configurator will deactivate (but not uninstall) your DxDesigner software. PADS Maker will then be installed and functional. If you need to reactivate your PADS Maker software, you must uninstall PADS Maker and run the configurator to set up DxDesigner.

Schematic Creation

I'm trying to connect a net to a pin, but the connection is not working.

If you're facing this issue, the first thing to check is that your pin is aligned with the design grid. This is particularly the case if you have changed your design grid after placing components. If the grid is not visible, go to Tools > Settings > Schematic Editor, and select the Display Grid option. You may also want to adjust the Grid Spacing.

If the pin is aligned with the grid and the connection will still not complete, open the symbol in the Symbol Editor and ensure that the pin is outside of the symbol outline.


When I try to open Symbol Editor in PADS Maker Schematic, I get the message "No license. Application will quit."

To fix this error and open Symbol Editor, do the following:

  1. You should be able to see the Symbol Editor icon in your Windows taskbar. Right-click (or Shift + right-click) the icon.
  2. Select Maximize from the popup menu. The Symbol Editor should appear on your screen.

PADS Maker Schematic enters infinite loop when opening a file sent by somebody else.

This issue is caused by library paths not being defined on a local machine. To prevent this issue when preparing a database to send to others,  read these instructions on setting soft library paths.


How do I submit new feature requests?

If you purchased PADS MakerPro, visit the PADS Maker community on Digi-Key's TechForum ( to submit any questions, comments, or suggestions that you have relating to any PADS Maker product.

If you are a Student or Maker, visit the PADS Maker Community site to submit any questions, comments, or suggestions that you have relating to any PADS Maker product.


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