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Shortcut Keys

Below is a table listing the default shortcut keys within PADS Maker SchematicClick here to download a printable PDF of the shortcut keys. 

Note: "Mode" indicates that the cursor will continue to perform that particular action until or Esc is pressed to revert to selection mode.

Shortcut Key(s)GroupCommand Description
CTRL + cEditCopy
CTRL + xEditCut
Delete or BackspaceEditDelete selected object
hEditFlip selected object horizontally
vEditFlip selected object vertically
CTRL + vEditPaste (click on schematic location to complete paste)
CTRL + yEditRedo
rEditRotate selected object
CTRL + zEditUndo
eEdit SymbolLaunches the Symbol Editor loaded with the selected symbol
EnterEnterLeft mouse button
CTRL + nFileNew project
CTRL + pFilePrint
SHIFT + aGraphicsAdd arc mode
SHIFT + bGraphicsAdd box mode
SHIFT + cGraphicsAdd circle mode
SHIFT + lGraphicsAdd graphical line mode
F1HelpGeneral help
s or EscapeModeRevert to selection mode
bNetAdd bus mode
nNetAdd net mode
pPanPan (centered around cursor position)
Page DownSheetGo to next schematic sheet
Page UpSheetGo to previous schematic sheet
SHIFT + tTextAdd text mode
F11WindowProject settings (select Schematic window 1st)
F12WindowProperties window (select Schematic window 1st)
zZoomArea select zoom mode. L–>R (zoom out) R–>L (zoom in)
SHIFT + F10ZoomReturn to saved zoom view
SHIFT + F9ZoomSave current zoom view
HomeZoomZoom full sheet
iZoomZoom in
oZoomZoom out
SHIFT + zZoomZoom in on selected object
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