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Border symbols may display corporate and custom information on your schematics such as company name, project name, creation or revision dates, and sheet numbers. You can also specify borders for each sheet size that your company uses. The following topics describe how to manage sheet borders.

A default border has been setup for new PADS Maker Schematic projects. It is a B sized sheet (11 x 17). Additional borders are delivered with the product in the Parts Window. Look for the Border library.

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Customizing a Sheet Border Symbol

A sheet border is a specialized type of symbol. The easiest way to create a custom border symbol is to edit a preexisting border symbol in the Symbol Editor.

The symbol outline is the key to getting the software to recognize a symbol as a border. If graphical objects in a symbol extend far beyond the range of the symbol outline, that symbol is recognized as a border.

Automatically Applying a Sheet Border to Each Schematic

  1. Select Tools > Settings > Schematic Editor > New Sheets
  2. In the Border Sheet Options section, check the option Automatically add border to new schematic sheets.

Manually Adding a Border to a Schematic

In the Schematic window, right-click > Insert Border.

Deleting a Border from a Schematic

In the Schematic window, right-click > Delete Border. Once you delete a border, a graphical rectangle will remain on the design canvas. This represents the sheet size and is not removable.

Changing an Existing Border

  1. In the Schematic window, right-click > Change Border. The Border Symbol window appears.
  2. Navigate to the partition that holds the border symbol you want. The default location is the Borders partition.
  3. Select the desired symbol and click OK. Use care to pick a proper symbol for your current sheet size.

Border Properties

You can assign properties to border symbols. These properties are commonly used for annotation of the design.

Parameterized Properties

A parameterized property is a special type of border property that has a variable value. When the sheets are printed, the properties are evaluated and the results are printed. The following parameterized properties are supported:

  • @DATETIME (set from Tools > Settings > Display > Date Format)
  • @NAME
  • @PATH
  • @SHEET

Sheet Properties

The sheet border should match the size and orientation of the sheet, which are defined using sheet properties. These are displayed in the Properties window when no objects are selected in the Schematic window. Clicking on the Drawing Size value box will open a drop-down menu with options for sheet sizes. Selecting Custom will allow you to fill in the Width and Height properties. The default sheet size is 11x17.

Displaying Sheet Border Zones

  1. In the PADS Maker Schematic window, select Tools > Settings > Display.
  2. In the Display section, check the following zone display option boxes (boxes are unchecked by default):
    • Zoning Grid to display zone grid lines on the sheet.
    • Zone Labels subsection:
      • Border to display zone names (for example, A, B, ...) on the sheet border.
      • Left-Top Corner of Each Zone to display the zone names (for example, A1) in the top-left corner of each zone on the sheet border.

      3. Click OK.

Updating Sheet Page Numbers

To populate sheet numbers after adding additional sheets, go to Tools > Update Other Objects.

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