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Layout design colors may be customized to make it easier to see objects as you place them.

  • Set the color of objects on a per layer or per object type basis.
  • Set objects as visible or invisible in the display (also on a per layer or per object type basis).
  • Save your color customization in a configuration file.
  • Create custom colors for your palette.


  1.  On the Setup menu, select Display Colors
  2.  In the Display Colors Setup Dialog box, set the color(s) for design objects
    1. To set the color for one object, in the Selected Color area, choose a color tile.  In the Layers/Object Types table, click the cell for the object (columns)/layer(rows).
    2. To make an object the same color on all layers, click the column heading for that object and choose a color tile.
    3. To make an object invisible, set it's tile to match that of the background color.
  3. Select OK to save changes.
  4. When you save the design, PADS Maker stores the settings with the design.
  5. You can save display color settings by selecting Save in the Configuration section and entering a configuration name.

6.  Create custom colors by selecting Palette.  Select Define Custom Colors.

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