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Design rules cover trace width, clearances, and available routing layers. Individual nets may be selected and assigned unique rules as well.  Design Rules may be setup or edited using Setup/Design Rules.

  1.  Select Setup/Design Rules.  Please watch the video above for details on each of these sections.

2.  Selecting Default will bring up Clearance and Routing Default Rules. Selecting Net will bring up Net Rules.

Note that the (C) in the image below designates that these nets go by unique rules, different from the default rules.

3.  Selecting Clearance will bring up a dialog where the basic design rules are established for the board.

4.  Selecting Routing in Step 2 will bring up default Routing rules.

    • Protected- Do no change the order of the connectivity of the connections.
    • Minimized- Order the net by the shortest distance between pins.
    • Layer biasing:  Layer is not available for routing.

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