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Use Setup/Layer Definition to define each layer in your design.  

  1.  Layer List- Level, Type, Direction, Name

    1. Level is the layer number.  Layer 1 and the last electrical layer are used for components (top and bottom sides of the board) and routing.  Layers come in pairs.
    2. Type identifies the layer's usage 
      1. CM component and no plane
      2. RT- routing and no plane
      3. PL- routing and CAM plane
      4. CP- component and CAM plane
      5. CX- component and split/mixed plane
      6. RX- routing and split/mixed plane
    3. Direction states the routing direction such as horizontal (H), vertical(V), any(A), 45(/) or -45(\).
    4. Name gives the name of the layer
  2. Name:  Use this to edit the name of the layer selected

  3. Type:  Component is used for part placement and routing. 

    Routing is used for routing layer only.  Internal layers cannot be setup as component layers.  To prevent components from being placed on and outer layer, set it to Routing.

  4. Plane Type

    1. No Plane- prevents planes on this layer. Layer is available for routing. Copper and Copper pours can be on this layer.
    2. CAM Plane- the entire layer is solid copper assigned to 1 net.  Copper and Copper pours cannot be on this layer.  No routing on this layer.
    3. Split/Mixed-  Allows one or more planes as well as routing on this layer.  Plane areas avoid traces by a clearance defined in Design Rules.  Copper pours cannot be added to this layer.
  5. Routing Direction

    Must have a primary direction of either horizontal, vertical, any, positive 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees

  6. Associations available when you select a component layer. 

    Note that depending on what layer you select you may get Assign Nets.

  7. Assign Nets

     Available when you select the ground or power layer.

  8. Single-sided board

    Available for boards with 2 layers.

  9. Modify

    Allows you to change the number of layers in your board.  MakerPro allows 8 layers (6 signal).  Maker allows 6 layers (4 layers).

  10. ReAssign

    Allows you to alter the layers.

  11. Thickness

    Allows you to alter the layer thickness

  12. Enable/Disable

    Controls display of non-electrical layers (documentation layers).

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