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Define the size and shape of each pad and drilled hole in a given pad stack for components, vias, and virtual pin pad stacks.


To edit, create or delete a via select Setup/Pad Stacks.    Under Pad Stack Type:  select Via.

  1.  Select the Add Via (available only when Via type selected) button.
  2.  In the Vias area (available only when Via type selected), enter the name of the new via in the Name box.
  3. Select Partial for a blind or buried via.  Select Through for a through-hole via.
  4. Select the starting and ending layers.
  5. Click OK to save the new Via type.
  6. Note:  All vias are considered plated.


Selecting Decal will display component pad stack options.

  1.  Pin:  Plated  Pin Number and Plated Status
  2.  Sh.: Sz.: Layer:  Shape Size Layer
    1. Shape:  C=circular, S=square, A=annular, O=oval, R=rectangular, D=odd. “N” indicates that none has been defined.

    2. Copy/Paste: Copy the shape and size information from one layer to one or multiple layers. Paste into other decals also.

  3. Global Defaults: When the Thermal or Antipad tab is active, sets thermal or antipad shapes to those specified in the Thermals tab in the Options dialog box.
  4. Pad Style:  Assigns a pad shape for the selected layers in the Sh: Sz: Layers: list. If a layer in the selection already has an assigned shape it will be reassigned if you click one of the shapes. You can assign pad shapes as round, square, annular, oval, rectangular or odd.

      • Annular:  lets you specify an inner pad diameter, bringing the inner diameter of the pad inside the drill outline. A pilot dimple at the center of the copper pad appears as an aid to hand fabrication of some prototypes.

      • Odd:  is useful for drawn items such as moiré pads or registration marks. It is a circular outline only, like an antipad, and is usually used for marking areas for airgap checking. 

      • Square and Rectangular:   Allows for different rounded and chamfered corner types.

      • Thermals and Antipads:  apply to plane areas on split/mixed layers and CAM negative planes (for RS-274X output). If thermals and antipads are not specified in the pad stack, they will be generated based on the design rules.
  5. Pad size relative to drill size:  Displays inner and outer pad sizes relative to the drill size.
  6. Orientation/Offset:  Sets the orientation and offset for pads. Used for SMD decals and edge finger connectors. Available when you click the oval or rectangular shaped button.
  7. Drill size:  Specifies the hole size. If the hole is plated, this value remains the same. It is the finished hole size.
  8. Plated:  Drill hole is plated with copper or not.
  9. Slot Parameters:  Used to create slots with different parameters.
  10. Click OK to save the new Decal type.

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