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The Symbol Editor allows you to edit symbols in local libraries and create new symbols for use in your PADS Maker Schematic designs.

See Creating and Editing Parts/Symbols for details. 

  1. Output—Displays a transcript of commands and error/warning messages as they occur in the Symbol Editor.

Symbol Window

The Symbol Window shows the graphical representation of the selected symbol. This window contains tabs, scroll bars, and the drawing area. Use tabs at the top of the window to switch between symbols. Use scroll bars to adjust the view inside the drawing area.

Use the scroll on your mouse pad to zoom in and out on your symbol.

  1. Symbol Name--This is the name given to the symbol in the Parts libraries. To see the complete name, hover over the ellipses next to the name. 
  2. Drawing Area--This is where your symbol will be displayed along with any labels or values. This is also where you can edit your existing symbol (See Creating and Editing Parts/Symbols–Editing an Existing Part), create your own symbol using a datasheet and graphics (See Using the Symbol Editor to Create Parts), or edit a symbol you have created from a Pin List (See  Option B and Creating Symbols from a Pin List).
  3. Origin--The origin, which appears in the Symbol Editor as a crosshair icon, sets the (X,Y) reference point of the symbol (0,0). By default the origin appears at the lower left corner of the symbol outline. To move the origin, click-and-drag it to the desired location. (See Adding Graphics and Text to a Schematic)
  4. Symbol–To move the symbol, left click and drag a box around the area you want to move. You can then left click to drag the symbol or right click to move the whole drawing area while leaving your symbol in place. You can also select individual pieces of your symbol to move by left clicking and dragging your desired piece.

Pins Window

The Pins window displays a list of the symbol pins in a table. Columns in the Pins list are sortable by selecting each header. 

Pin Window FieldDescription
PlacedDisplays whether each pin has been placed or not.

Displays the name of individual pins in a symbol design. Pin names cannot contain spaces. Click to select field, then double-click to edit. To add a new pin, add it to the Pin Name on the line starting with + sign.

Pin Type

Defines the pin (port) type and signal direction. Select from drop-down menu.

SideDefines the location of pin placement in a symbol: Left, Right, Top, or Bottom. Select from drop-down menu.
Pin Number

Defines the numeric value assignment for a pin. Click to select field, then double-click to edit. For Gate & Pin Swapping, separate multiple pin numbers with a comma. See Gate and Pin Swapping.

For more information on how to work with pins when creating or editing a symbol, see Using the Symbol Editor to Create Parts.

Properties Window

When an object is selected the symbol window, the properties of that object will be displayed in the Properties Window.

The check boxes next to the property names and values allow you to choose whether to display the property name/value on the symbol.

To add a new property to the list, click on the last empty cell in the Properties window and a drop-down menu will appear from which you can add a new property.

 Output Window

The Output Window shows commands performed by the Symbol Editor, including all output, error messages, and warnings.

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