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Videos:  Creating a Custom Footprint and Create a Custom Footprint when part is/not available from DIgi-Key.

In the Search View, if you see the footprint icon below, a footprint exists for this part.  If the footprint does not already exist or you want a different footprint, use the Footprint Creator.


Select one of the methods below to start building symbols:

  • Method #1:  From Search, select More and Choose Footprint.  
  • Method #2:  From the My Footprintspage, select Create Footprint.  Use this method to create a footprint if a DigiKey search returns no results.
  • Method #3:  From the Home page, select Create Footprint which takes you to the My Symbols page.

Method #1:  Search, select the More down arrow, and Choose Footprint


Method #2:  Select My Footprints page and Create Footprint (at the top of the page near search)

The My Footprints page lists all footprints- those searchable on DigiKey and those not searchable on DigiKey.

The columns are sortable, select the column heading name to sort ascending or desending.

Delete footprints and Download footprints from this page.


Method #3:  From the Home page, select Create Footprint and follow Method #2.


There are 2 methods of creating a new footprint in PartQuest:

Custom Footprints- Footprint Creator

The Footprint Creator allows you to capture the physical package definition of a part. Once captured, the Footprint Creator will generate a footprint based on the dimensions, terminal type, and many other physical attributes of your part. The Footprint Creator guides you through the process of capturing your package details. You should only input data that is provided in your Datasheet. (If a dimension is not found in the Datasheet, then there is no need to provide that dimension in the Footprint Creator. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CALCULATE DIMENSIONS YOURSELF.   The engine will handle all calculations and appropriately apply JEDEC JESD30H and JEP30-P100 standards rules based on what you have provided.



Footprint Creator also allows you to view a 2D representation of your component as you specify its details. Use the 2D model to ensure you have not made any mistakes in the information you are providing.  PartQuest 2D view is from the top of the part.  Keep this in mind when numbering Terminals.

The following packages are currently supported:  Array Type, Chip Scale Package, Cylinder, Disk Button, Flange Mount,  Flatpack, Grid-Array, In-Line Package, Long Form, Microelectronics Assembly, Connector, Switch, Small Outline, and Discrete.

For now, the Footprint Creator currently supports the following Terminal Types:  Ball, C-bend, Flat, Gull-wing, Surface-terminal, J-bend, L-bend, Column, Pressfit, Pin, Through-hole, Wraparound, S-bend, Terminal wire, Screw and J-inverted.

Terminal Positions supported currently are:  Axial, Bottom, Single, Dual, End, Diagonal, Quad (use 2 Dual), and Triple (use 1 Dual & 1 Single), and ZigZag.


Examples can be found at Custom Footprint Examples.

Getting Started

Click on the Create Footprint link with the plus sign symbol.

Now you are ready to begin creating your footprint.  

Next:  Go to Package.

For parts that already have a custom footprint created, use the Edit button below the footprint to make any required updates.


Continue to Package.


Requesting a Footprint for a Part from SamacSys

If a Symbol and/or Footprint are not available for download, the symbol and footprint icons will not exist. 

Selecting MORE you will see a Request option.

Selecting Request will ask you relevant questions.



You will receive an email from within 24 hours that the content is now available to download.  Note:  Very complicated parts will take 48-72 hours.

The email will contain a link to your part in PartQuest where you will see the part with content.

From within Partquest, download the new symbol and use it in your design.

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