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Once you reach the Validate page, an engine will begin processing the package details you have provided.  After a few seconds you will be presented with details of the footprint calculation and you will be able to see the footprint under the package body.  Review your results and if you see any issues you may return to any page in the wizard using the breadcrumbs to correct any mistakes.

Color Key

  • Green- SolderMask
  • Cream- Silkscreen
  • Brown- Copper
  • Bright Yellow- Assembly Outline
  • White- Body
  • Dull Yellow- Placement Outline
  • Red Outline- Terminal Contact Area
  • Blue Outline- First Terminal indicator
  • Dotted Red or Blue Outline- Indicates "Missing" Terminal.  "Deleted" Terminals would have dotted red or blue outline with no Terminal number.

Target Design Density

Here you will specify your Target Design Density, which specifies how spread out your components will be on your PCB board.  As you change the design density, the details about the part will be updated and the footprint image will update.

The generated footprints are based on the IPC-7351B standard.

The Manufacturing Processes Part is Compatible with details telling you what manufacturing processes this part can be used in.  Additional information about how the footprint is created and manufacturing requirements are also included in the details.

Use the      button to return to the search page.  You will see a thumbnail image of your custom footprint next to the Choose Footprint button.

If you have not created a symbol for your component, then go to Creating Custom Symbols  to create one. If you already have a symbol and the terminal mappings are validated, then you may download your footprint using the Download button. Your new footprint will be downloaded with the symbol and part properties.

To view examples of other types of Custom Footprints, go to the Custom Footprints Examples page and select an example to view.



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