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You can import PCB files from third party tools by using the Import Translator (File > Import, then select the relevant software) in PADS Maker Layout. Files can be imported from the following software versions:

  • Altium Protel 99, DXP, 2004, 2006, AD6
  • P-CAD 200x
  • CADStar V5–V9
  • OrCAD Board Files 7.2–16.2

If you have a file from a newer version of these tools, you may be able to save them in the tool as one of the listed prior versions.

Searching PADS Maker Edition


Importing a Netlist from PADS Maker Schematic

Use the Import command to import Maker Schematic projectname.dnf netlist files into your design.

  1. On the File menu, click Import
  2. Navigate to the file to import, and click Open to import the file.
  3. Review any errors or warnings in the eco.err file linked in the Output window.

PADS Maker Schematic Netlist files are saved by default in Documents > PADSMakerProjects_2.0> (Project Folder). The Netlist file is named after the schematic as it is named in the  Project Navigator .

Footprint Selector


If the Netlist imported has either missing or incorrect footprints, a prompt will appear asking you to go to the  Footprint Selector.

Footprint Selector will assist you in correcting errors.

Importing third party tools into PADS Maker Layout

To import PADS Maker Schematic netlist files into PADS Maker Layout, follow the procedure below. 

  1. From the menu toolbar select the File/Import button from the File pull down
  2. Change the file type to the original author tool, then browse and select the PCB project file.
  3. This will import your design into PADS Maker Layout. Save this design (File > Save As) and select the same directory as your translated PADS Maker Schematic project.
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