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Below you will find a chart of all available modeless commands in PADS Maker Layout. To use modeless commands, simply type the text provided while PADS Maker Layout is open. After the first letter typed, the modeless command dialog box will appear so that you can complete the command. Press Enter to execute the command once typed.

For your convenience, we have created a printable PDF list of modeless commands that you can download here

Angle brackets (< and >) indicate unique values to be entered, and are themselves not part of the modeless command.


Modeless CommandGroupCommand Description
UISetting Design UnitsSet design units to inches
UMSetting Design UnitsSet design units to mils
UMMSetting Design UnitsSet design units to millimeters

G <x> {<y>}

Cartesian Grid SettingsSet design and via grids
GD <x> {<y>}Cartesian Grid SettingsSet displayed (dot) grid
GR <x> {<y>}Cartesian Grid SettingsSet via grid
GPPolar Grid SettingsPolar grid on/off
GP r aPolar Grid SettingsMove to point specified by radius and angle
GPA aPolar Grid SettingsMove to point specified by angle
GPR rPolar Grid Settings

Move to point specified by radius

GPRA daPolar Grid SettingsMove to point specified by current angle (da)
GPRR drPolar Grid SettingsMove to point specified by current radius (dr)
SOSetting OriginsSets origin using current design coordinates
SOASetting OriginsSets origin using absolute coordinates of design space
R <n>Line/Trace Width SettingsSets minimum display width
W <n>Line/Trace Width SettingsChanges current trace or line width
AALine/Trace Angle SettingsAny angle mode
ADLine/Trace Angle Settings Diagonal angle mode
AOLine/Trace Angle Settings Orthogonal angle mode
LSLine Style SettingsShow current line style
LS SLine Style SettingsLine style Solid
LS DLine Style SettingsLine style Dashed
LS OLine Style SettingsLine style Dotted
LS ALine Style SettingsLine style Dash Dotted
LS BLine Style SettingsLine style Dash Double-Dotted
DRODRC SettingsTurn off DRC Mode
DRPDRC SettingsPrevent
DRWDRC SettingsWarn
DRIDRC SettingsIgnore clearance
S <x> <y>SearchingSearch absolute
S <s>SearchingSearch for refdes/pin
SR <x> <y>SearchingSearch relative
SRX <x>SearchingSearch relative X at current Y
SRY <y>SearchingSearch relative Y at current X
SS <s>SearchingSearch and select (by refdes)
SS <s>*SearchingSearch and select using asterisk (C*)
SX <x>SearchingSearch absolute X at current Y
SY <y>SearchingSearch absolute Y at current X
XPSearchingSearch and select route segments using pixels
HCDrafting Shape ControlCircle shape draw mode
HHDrafting Shape ControlPath shape draw mode
HPDrafting Shape ControlPolygon shape draw mode
HRDrafting Shape ControlRectangle shape draw mode
OSObjects SnappingObject snap mode
OSR <n>Objects SnappingObject snap radius
OS <n>Objects SnappingObject snap type ( see chart below for values)
CObject VisibilityComplementary format
DObject VisibilityToggle ‘Active layer to front’
DOObject VisibilityToggle drill outline
PNObject VisibilityToggle pin number display
TObject VisibilityToggle transparent mode
XObject VisibilityToggle text outline
N <s>Net HighlightingHighlight nets one by one
N -Net HighlightingUnhighlight (reverse order)
NNet HighlightingRemove all highlighting
NNNet Name VisibilityToggle net name visibility
NNPNet Name VisibilityToggle net names on pins
NNTNet Name VisibilityToggle net names on trances
NNVNet Name VisibilityToggle net names on vias
EViasToggle End Via modes
VViasOpen Via dialog
VAViasAutomatic via selection
VPViasUse partial via
VT <name>ViasUse through hole via
ZLayer VisibilityQuick layer view
Z +<layer>Layer VisibilityAdd layer to current set of displayed layers
Z -<layer>Layer VisibilityRemove layer from current set of displayed layers
Z <n-m>Layer VisibilityView only the range of layers specified
Z <n> {<m>}Layer VisibilityView only the layers specified
Z*Layer VisibilityView all layers
Z-*Layer VisibilityHide all layers
Z ALayer VisibilityView the active layer
Z ADBLayer VisibilityView the assembly drawing bottom layer
Z ADTLayer VisibilityView the assembly drawing top layer
Z BLayer VisibilityView only the bottom layer
Z CLayer VisibilityView only the current layer
Z DLayer VisibilityView all documentation layers
Z ELayer VisibilityView all electrical layers
Z ILayer VisibilityView all internal layers
Z OLayer VisibilityView only the outside (top and bottom) layers
Z PMBLayer VisibilityView the paste mask bottom
Z PMTLayer VisibilityView the paste mask top
Z SMBLayer VisibilityView the solder mask bottom
Z SMTLayer VisibilityView the solder mask top
Z SSBLayer VisibilityView the silkscreen bottom
Z SSTLayer VisibilityView the silkscreen top
Z TLayer VisibilityView only the top layer
Z ULayer VisibilityView unrouted connections
Z ZLayer VisibilityView all layers
ZS <name>Layer VisibilitySave layer view
ZR <name>Layer VisibilityRestore layer view
L <n>LayersChange current layer
LDLayersToggle direction for current layer
PL <n1> <n2>LayersPaired layer command
POPour Outline and Plane Data SettingsToggle pour outline
SPDPour Outline and Plane Data SettingsDisplay generated plane data
SPIPour Outline and Plane Data SettingsDisplay plane thermal indicators
SPOPour Outline and Plane Data SettingsDisplay plane polygon outlines
OOutline Mode SettingsToggle outline mode
OHOutline Mode SettingsToggle outline mode (high res)
OLOutline Mode SettingsToggle outline mode (low res)
RVGeneral Mode SettingsToggle ‘Make Like Reuse’ operations
SHGeneral Mode SettingsToggle Shove mode
QMeasurementQuick measure
QLMeasurementQuick length (of selected route items)
UN <n>Multiple Undo and Redo OperationsMultiple undo command (1–100)
RE <n>Multiple Undo and Redo OperationsMultiple redo command (1–100)
F <name>MiscellaneousOpen file <name>
?MiscellaneousShow Help
IMiscellaneousRun database integrity test

Object Snap Type values

CCenter of circle or arc
ECorner of drafting shape or line end
MMidpoint of line or arc
OComponent origin
PPin or via origin
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