PartQuest Release Notes

August 7, 2020

New Features

  1. New look and feel! 
    PartQuest has now adopted Siemens colors and is making continuous effort to create a seamless experience across all our cloud applications.
  2. Usability improvements
    1. Pop-ups have responsive heights and scrollbars.
    2. Shift-click to select multiple values inside a filter, on both search page and My Footprints.
    3. Multiple Package Wizard validation rules were reviewed. These are now more specific and auto-scroll to the issues found.
    4. The comparison of the Terminal Numbers between Symbol and Footprint are directed into an error message for Download.
    5. Drag & Drop and material information icons added (Lead Free, RoHS Compliance).
    6. Significant performance improvements for My Created Parts, My Footprints and the Package Wizard.
    7. Deletion of any Symbol and Footprint is now enabled.
    8. Fixes
      1. Enabled deletion of parts that are no longer available in Digikey.
      2. Table headers remain visible after scrolling down the results.
      3. Nominal Density Footprint is now the Top Cell.
      4. Under certain conditions, Grid Array numbering stopped at AF. It now correctly numbers all applicable terminals.
      5. 20+ other fixes

March 6, 2020

VX.2.7 New Features

New technique for downloading parts using Drag & Drop when using Xpedition or PADS Professional. Parts are deposited into the Search window of either PADS Professional Designer or Xpedition Designer.

Go here for more details.  This can be done from these locations in PartQuest:

Users running Versions VX.2.7 or later no longer require the PartQuest utilities be downloaded.

ECAD data for Versions VX.2.7 or later is in EDX format.

Additional Resources:

1)      For more information about importing Digi-Key parts into a VX.2.7 or later Designer project, see the following tool documentation:
PADS: PADS PartQuest User’s Manual
PADS Professional: PADS Designer User’s Guide
Xpedition: Xpedition Designer User’s Guide

2)      For more information about working with PartQuest parts and a VX.2.7 or later central library, see the following tool documentation:
PADS: PADS Library Tools User’s Guide
PADS Professional: PADS Pro Library Tools User’s Guide
Xpedition: Xpedition Library Manager User’s Guide

3)      For more information about configuring the Databook tool to include PartQuest part parametric data, see the following tool documentation:
PADS: PADS Schematic Design Administrator’s Guide
PADS Professional: PADS Designer Administrator's Guide
Xpedition: Xpedition Designer and Xpedition System Designer Administrator’s Guide



Note:  Issue with Firefox when using Drag & Drop

Windows 10 Blocks Drag Drop Operations Using Firefox Browser 77.0 – Xpedition Designer or PADS Designer

Under certain conditions, Windows 10 blocks the drag and drop operation of a PartQuest part to a project using Firefox Browser 77.0. See “Adding Digi-Key Parts From PartQuest to a Project” in the Xpedition Designer User’s Guide or PADS Designer User’s Guide. To allow drag and drop operations start Firefox using the –no-deelevate command line option. For more information see “Running Windows as Administrator with Launcher Process enabled in Firefox causes Drag and Drop errors – How to Fix” at



December 23 ,2019

VX.2.6.1 New Features

Added Create Part, Create Orphan Symbol (used when part not available from Digi-Key) and Create Footprint.

September 7, 2019

VX.2.6 New Features

Enhanced Standard Symbols

Direct Access to Symbol and Footprint Builders with My Symbols and My Footprints 


December 20, 2018

Updates to the Request for EDA Content

September 2018

Updates to Custom Footprint Generator:

August 2018

Updates to Custom Footprint Generator:

June 20, 2018

Updates to the Custom Footprint Generator:


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