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PartQuest allows you to conveniently create and maintain user-defined partitions so that you can keep your downloaded parts organized. When you download a part from PartQuest, you will first choose the partition that the part will be downloaded into. By default, PartQuest will remember the target partition for subsequent downloads.

New users will start with a default set of partitions. You can add, remove, or edit these default partitions to match your library partition structure.


This feature will have no effect within the PADS Maker flow.

To configure your download partitions, first visit your profile page. Under Download Configuration, find the section for Download Partitions. Select Edit Partitions.

To add a new partition, select Add New Partition at the bottom of the User Partitions menu.

Enter the name of the new partition, then select Done.

The new partition will be visible under the Partitions list. You can edit or delete partitions using the buttons to the right of each partition.

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