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If you need to map Digi-Key property names to names that you define, you can use the Properties Mapping feature to have PartQuest automatically map your parts' property names to what they need to be upon download. The mapping applies to data loaded into xDX Databook/xDM Library and to the property names included in the symbol files.

Note that by default only a subset of the core properties are written to the flows that use xDX Databook. This prevents your database from being populated with properties that you are not interested in. By mapping any property, it will be included in this subset. Even if you want to use the same name that is provided by the supplier, you can map the property to its own name in order to let PartQuest know you want it to be included.

To set up property mapping, go to your profile page and find the Properties Mapping section. Provided that you have selected your desktop integration method and selected a design flow, you should have access to the Edit Property Map button.

Clicking this button will activate the menu shown below.

Select Add New Property Map, fill in the mapping information, and click Done.

Repeat the process for subsequent properties. You can edit and delete the properties you have mapped using the Edit and Delete buttons shown above.

By default, the mapping applies to all partitions.  If you change a mapping to a specific partition, then only parts you send to that partition will use the defined mapping.  Note that a mapping for a specific partition will override a mapping for “All Partitions” of the same Digi-Key property name.

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