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Import 3D Model to PADS

PartQuest CAD data may include a symbol, footprint and a 3D model.  The types of available CAD data are indicated by icons shown below.

3D Models are commonly supplied for discretes such as resistors and capacitors.


Symbol is on top, footprint in the middle and 3D model on the bottom.

The *.stp file downloaded to either your Dropbox or Direct Download location contains the 3D data model.

PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus includes 3D Layout.  To use the 3D Model in PADS,  Select View > PADS 3D


In the 3D Window choose select the Import Part Model icon

The file browser opens.  Select the *.stp file located in the PartQuest directory (either Dropbox or the Direct Download location).  Select Import.

For additional information about using 3D Models in PADs, go to this document starting on page 188.

The finished product for this particular part.

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