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Video:  Getting Started with PartQuest if using PADS Maker

This page will guide you through accessing your PartQuest library through PADS Maker Schematic. More information on PADS Maker Schematic is available at the PADS Maker Documentation wiki.

Using PartQuest with PADS Maker Parts Library


PADS Maker Schematic and Layout will automatically detect your Dropbox and Direct Download location(s) for PartQuest after you download an initial part to these locations. You do not need to add them to the library list. They will be added to the list automatically.

To access parts in your PartQuest directory from a project in PADS Maker Schematic download a part to Dropbox or the Direct Download location.  

You should have selected PADS Maker as the Default Flow in your PartQuest Profile.  Give PartQuest a few moments to update your desktop utilities in background.  If PADS Maker Schematic or Layout are already open when you download your first PartQuest part, restart PADS Maker Schematic and Layout.    Following this step, PADS Maker products will scan for any changes in these directories automatically.

If using Direct Download, you will need to double-click on the downloaded .pqz file to extract the file (it is transported as encrypted).

PADS Maker Direct Download is a set location:  C:/PartQuest/PADS_Maker

PADS Maker Dropbox location is a set location but is adjustable:  C:/Users/username/Dropbox/Apps/PartQuest/PADS_Maker


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