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Selecting Desktop Integration

Video on Setting up your PartQuest Workflow

There are two methods for downloading your parts for use in your preferred PCB design tool: Dropbox and direct download.


Dropbox is a free file hosting service that offers cloud storage that is accessible through their website or through a downloadable desktop application. Your Dropbox login allows PartQuest to access your Dropbox account in order to make an encrypted transfer of the items from your PartQuest search to Dropbox so that your parts show up in a directory on your workstation. Using the desktop application will allow you to conveniently access your PartQuest library from your CAD tool.

Once you have synced with your Dropbox account, PartQuest will create a folder in your Dropbox (found in the Apps subdirectory) called "PartQuest."

Direct Download

The direct download setting will allow you to download your parts through the browser as a .pqz archive file. Before using direct download, you will need to download the PartQuest integration utility. See more details on using direct download on the Downloading Part Data page.

If downloading multiple parts at the same time, these will be in 1 file (included in the *.pqz file).

Downloaded EDA content goes into the "PartQuest" partition instead of a user-defined partition.


Select Product Workflow

Select the Workflow for the product you are using.  Options are below:

Selecting the workflow will download utilities to your computer.  This may take up to 5 minutes so please wait before downloading your first part. 

Then install your CAD Tool prior to selecting and installing your PartQuest Utilities based on Product Workflow.   

PADS Maker PartQuest Integration Utilties may be installed at the same time as the product. This option is provided in the PADS Maker Install.
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