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PartQuest is a search engine designed to provide an easy way to search for parts in the Digi-Key database and incorporate them into Mentor Graphics PCB design tools. With PartQuest, you can

  • Quickly and easily search for parts
  • Organize parts from search into custom project folders
  • Download part property data for use in Mentor Graphics PCB design tools
  • Download symbol and footprint information from SymacSys
  • Link to a Dropbox account to save part data for later use

.We'd really like to obtain your feedback, so please login & select Feedback at the top right of the Partquest home page. An email will open where you can enter your feedback.

What's New? Partquest recently added new technology to the Custom Footprint Creator. What are the new items in the Customer Footprint Creator?

  • Compliant with JEDEC standards JESD30H and JEP30-P100
  • New Package Outline Types: Cylinder, Disk Button, Flange Mount, and In-line Package.
  • New Terminal Types: Ball, Column, Pressfit, Pin, Through-hole, Terminal-wire, and Screw.
  • New Terminal Postions: Axial

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