Video:  Searching For and Downloading Library Content

To quickly begin your search, simply type keywords into the search field on the front page and click Search. You can use the checkboxes below the search bar to ensure that the parts you search for are RoHS compliantlead free, in stock, or contain symbol/footprint data.

Click All Categories beside the search bar to access a list of all categories. Categories with an arrow beside the name will display subcategories when clicked. Select a category/subcategory to be taken to the relevant search results page.

Narrowing Search Results

The options under Filters on the left sidebar of the search results page will help you narrow down your search and more easily find the parts you are looking for. Clicking the name of a filter brings up a menu where you can set your search parameters. After selecting the filters you want, click Done and they will be applied.

Once you start selecting filters, you may notice that the list of available search filters starts to decrease.

PartQuest automatically removes any remaining filters that would bring your search results to 0.

If you would like to change this, click "Edit Filters" at the bottom of the Filters menu.

The filters you have applied will appear in the left sidebar under Filters.


Lead-Free Components

  The Lead Free label indicates that the component contains no lead. If the label is absent, either the component contains lead or there is no information available pertaining to its lead content.

RoHS Compliance 


  The RoHS Compliant label     indicates that the component is compliant with the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive. If the label is absent, either the part is not RoHS compliant or there is no information available pertaining to its RoHS compliance.

Symbol/Footprint Indicator


The Symbol/Footprint icon indicates that the part information is complete with symbol and footprint data.  If it is not complete, you can request them from SamacSys.  Go here for more information on this topic. Use the Custom Footprint Generator to create a unique footprint. SamacSys provides a 24-48 hour turn around time for most requested parts. Since Samacsys limits the user to 200 downloads in a 24 hour period, 1 download includes the Symbol, Footprint and 3D model (when available). 



3D Model Indicator

The 3D Model icon indicates that a 3D version of the part is available for download from SamacSys.  It will be downloaded with the Symbol and Footprint data.  3D Models are currently available for many discrete parts.

Working with Search Results

Once you have found components that meet your search criteria, there are several actions you can take from the search results page.

Accessing Detailed Part Information

 The Adobe Acrobat icon will take you to the PDF datasheet for the part.

The Digi-Key Part Number     column provides a link to direct you to the part listing on the Digi-Key site. 

Assigning a Symbol to a Part

To assign a symbol to a part, click More to expand the search result view.  

If a Symbol and/or Footprint are available for download, you will see a logo to the left of Choose Symbol and Choose Footprint.


Select Choose Symbol.This will open the menu to select symbol information. If SamacSys part information is available, it will be listed at the top. Otherwise, you may select a standard symbol to assign to the part.

If you have selected a standard symbol, the symbol will appear next to the Choose Symbol button so that you can remember which symbol you assigned. 

You will be taken to the Symbol Creator wizard.  For additional information see the section Creating Custom Symbols.

If you select Create Symbol you will taken to the Symbol Creator wizard.  For additional information see the section Creating Custom Symbols.

Assigning a Footprint to a Part

Similarly, to assign a footprint, click More to expand the search result view, then select Choose Footprint.

This will open the menu to select footprint information.  If SamacSys part information is available, it will be listed at the top. 

If you select Create Footprint you will taken to the Footprint Creator wizard.  For additional information see the section Creating Custom Footprints.


Requesting a Symbol for a Part from SamacSys

If a Symbol and/or Footprint are not available for download, the symbol and footprint icons will not exist. 

Selecting MORE you will see a Request option.

Selecting Request will ask you relevant questions.



You will receive an email from within 24 hours that the content is now available to download.  Note:  Very complicated parts will take 48-72 hours.

The email will contain a link to your part in PartQuest where you will see the part with content.

From within Partquest, download the new symbol and use it in your design.

To create a Custom Footprint, go to the Custom Footprint Generator.